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Dear Parents,

The summer is coming to a fast close.....the TV commercials as well as the advertisements in the papers have their "Back to School" sales getting us all  ready to begin another school year......


Here at St. Theresa's we too are getting  ready for what promises to be a great school year.....here are just a few things that I would like to share with you :


School will officially open on Wednesday, September 5.....1/2 day ... noon dismissal ...no lunches....no aftercare...same schedule for September 6 and 7


Full days of school will begin on Monday September 10 th....with morning and after-school care .....lunches will be served....lunch schedule will be sent home on Thursday, Sept. 6th......


Remind you that ALL students MUST enter the school building by the back door of the school parking lot.....all students must be in school by 8:00 A.M. Late slips will be given to those students who are not in school by 8:00 A.M. Three tardy's will be a morning detention...


This summer we have received monies to install additional security TV cameras both inside and outside of the building to reinforce and ensure the safety of everyone....


We have been busy painting and repainting classrooms to give our school a bright new look....


Through monies received, each child in Grades 6-8 will be receiving a Chrome Book during their first week of school......at the Open House scheduled on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 P.M. each parent along with their child will be receiving a contract on the care, use and their responsibility in the upkeep of these Chrome Books. Please make every effort to attend .. Each student, however, will be required to purchase a case/bag to store their Chrome Books in order to keep them from breaking....these can be purchased at Staples etc.......


At The Open House meeting on September 19 you will also have the opportunity of meeting all of our staff and be introduced to new members of our faculty....


We are pleased to welcome to our school family, Mr. Christian Liguori, our new Music Teacher in Grades 3-8


Mrs. Maria Bui, our Spanish Teacher who will be working with our students using the Rosetta Stone curriculum...


Mr. Frank Malta who will be serving as our Student Counselor.....


Mr. Pat Gaillot, our Science Assistant who will be working with Mrs. Angelica Serrano, 7th grade teacher replacing Sr. Lillian...in Science


Mrs. Kim Kelly, and Mrs. Mary Di Quinzio our two new PreK 3-Teachers


Mrs. Michelle Keating our previous PreK-3 teacher will be teaching First Grade , replacing Ms. Kathleen Kloc.....


In addition to the school "Back Packs" with our school logo that were included in your registration fee....each of our students will be receiving an additional "Back Pack" that they will be able to utilize in many ways....


All of our teachers will be attending a workshop giving our students new avenues to whet their appetites in helping them to become more excited about learning....these workshops include STEM training and Google Classroom....


Looking forward to greeting all of you soon,


Deacon Joe


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