Saint Theresa School, a Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Newark, is dedicated to the cultivation of academic excellence and the spiritual, social and emotional growth of each student.  Our school nurtures an environment of cultural diversity in which a caring faculty, through the implementation of the educational system of St. John Bosco, based upon reason, religion, and loving kindness, seek to develop each student to his/her full potential.  With Christ and Mary as our examples, the Saint Theresa Community grows in a family atmosphere in which each individual experiences respect, challenge, responsibility, and exceptional love.


St. Theresa School has been committed to providing its students with a faith-centered education since 1954.  This commitment is based upon our belief that Jesus Christ is the Master Teacher.  As a Salesian Catholic School, we strive to make Mary, our Blessed Mother, known as our mother, model, and guide.  We welcome all children to be a part of our school community.  By learning and working together, students are taught to respect the differences among people and to celebrate that which unites them.

Our goals are to develop the students’ spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical growth.  We strive to instill in our students a sense of respect, dignity, charity, and responsibility which enables them to become “good Christians and honest citizens”.

Inspired by the example and teaching of Saint John Bosco, the patron of educators and the friend of youth, the faculty implements his educative principles of reason, religion, and loving kindness in their daily interactions with the students.  This creates a wholesome family atmosphere and a feeling of mutual respect and trust between staff and students.

The school staff acknowledges the responsibility given to them by the parents and the parish.  The school seeks to promote communication, unity, and cooperation between itself, the home, and the parish.

A nurturing tone pervades Saint Theresa School.  The administration, faculty, and staff have a clear vision for the school, which focuses on students and their needs.  Ideals are translated into goals for the school and expectations for the teachers and students.  Policies and procedures of the school are communicated in writing and verbally to students, staff, and parents. 

The personal formation given at Saint Theresa School is based on a vision of preparation for Christian life.  Its message grows within the communities of family, school, and parish.  It reaches its fulfillment in the gift of service to God and to others.  The success of a school can be best measured by the success of its students.  The school and parish communities take great pride in the accomplishments and growth of our students.  We believe that big dreams and bright futures begin at Saint Theresa.