The morning drop-off procedures for our school children have been revised to alleviate the traffic congestion in front of the school.  Please read this document intently to the end and understand the drop-off process.

Drop off starts at 7:40 AM and ends at 8:00 AM.  Please do not drop your child off prior to 7:40 AM.  At 8:00 AM, the back doors will be locked and the chain put up.  Once the doors are locked or the chain put up, your child will be considered late and must enter through the front door.  Please do not have your child try to run under the chain. They can fall and hurt themselves.  Drive them to the front of the school and have them enter through the main door.

Cars must enter the parking lot from the 22nd Street side of the building via Washington Avenue.  Do not turn up to 22nd Street from Monroe Ave.  Drive around the building to Washington Ave. and turn down 22nd Street from there.  We are experiencing problems with cars entering the parking lot from both sides of the street.

SLOWLY enter the lot and proceed to the next available volunteer.  Put the car in PARK.  Unlock the doors.  If possible, have your child unbuckle their seatbelt.

The volunteer will then open the car door and help the children out of the car with their backpack, lunch box, projects, etc.  No backpacks in the trunk, please!  It slows down the process.

If the younger children need assistance to their classroom, the volunteers will escort them.  Do not get out of your car.  If a parent chooses to walk their child to the back door, you must park anywhere outside the gates.  You cannot park in the lot.  You can then walk them to the back door (not the cafeteria).  Parents may NOT enter the building from the back door for any reason.  If your child needs assistance, one of the 8th graders or the volunteers will help them.

Please do not drive around the car in front of you.  That is a very dangerous maneuver for you, the children and the volunteers.  It only takes a few extra seconds so please be patient.  Some of the younger children need more assistance than others.

Do not park in the lot to walk your child to the back door.  Only infant/toddler parents are allowed to park in the parking lot and walk their children into the building.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!  Drop off is a great thing for the children and their parents.